Song Worship Leading

Instructors: Dane Shepard, Allen Malone & John Kilgore | Men Only | Morning, Afternoon, & Evening Sessions

Four Levels of instruction are offered to men. Each student will be grouped with other students of similar ability and experience, from beginning novices to advanced students. Each level will emphasize those principles and exercises selected from the following areas which are suitable to that level of ability and experience.

  • Rhythm & Pitch – The fundamentals of music will be taught. Included will be note values, time signatures, beating of time, the musical staff, keys, scales, shape notes and using a pitch pipe.
  • Sight Singing – Students will be taught the principles of singing unfamiliar songs by sight using exercises and drills.
  • Voice Training – The student will be taught some basic points to improve both the quality and power of his voice.
  • New songs – Many new songs will be learned. Each student should be able to teach some new songs to his congregation.
  • Song Worship Preparation – Each student will be taught how to prepare an effective song worship service. Emphasis will be placed upon the meaning of worship, types of songs, the interpretation of songs, and the use of various rhythms and keys.
  • Live Song Worship Leading Practice – Students will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned during the day in an evening assembly. They will be grouped according to their level and each student will lead a song.